Campground Rules & Policies

Outside Inn Campground, LLC is a private campground and management reserves the right to update and/or make changes to the terms outlined here at anytime. 

Cancelation Policy

2+ weeks out: If a reservation is canceled more than 2 weeks prior to the arrival date we issue a full refund, minus the non-refundable $20 transaction fee; or Camp Credit in the full amount can be elected.

2-13 days out: For a cancellation of a reservation more than 2 days, but less than 2 weeks, prior to the arrival date we issue a refund for 50% of the payment and the balance is forfeited; or Camp Credit in the full amount can be elected. 

Less than 1 Day/No Shows: For a reservation canceled less than 1 Day prior to the arrival date, the full amount of the reservation payment is forfeited to Outside Inn Campground; or Camp Credit in the full amount can be elected. If you No Show for your reservation all payment is forfeited to Outside Inn Campground.  

I certify that I am over the age of 18 (and assume responsibility for those in my charge under the age of 18). I hereby assume all legal responsibility for bodily injury to myself or any other person and property as a result of my visit to Outside Inn Campground and use, operation or possession of equipment hired or loaned to me. Acknowledging this, I accept complete responsibility for myself and the minor children in my charge and visit Outside Inn Campground and associated properties and engage in activities or events at Outside Inn Campground at my own risk.

Park Rules

Check In Time: 1:00pm RV Sites/4:00pm RV Rental

Check Out Time: 11:00 am


Speed Limit: 

Outside Inn Campground speed limit is 9 MPH. You are responsible for the speed at which you and all your guests/visitors drive. Violators will be subject to dismissal, at the discretion of the campground.



Only 2 vehicles per RV site.


Quiet Hours:

Please be respectful of other campers during quiet hours of 10pm – 8am.



All pets must be on a leash when outside. Pets may not be left outside unattended. Guests will pick up all pet waste and dispose of it in a trash can or dumpster. Please be aware of your pets behavior around the farm animals. If your pet is acting in an aggressive manner to the animals please remove them from the area. This behavior can frighten farm animals and can cause some to act territorial. Outside Inn reserves the right to ask any guest to leave (without a refund) if their animal is exhibiting aggressive or dangerous behavior to guests, employees, or other animals.



All RV sites include utilities.

  • SEWER: Sewer hook-ups request the use of RV toilet paper only. Should your RV cause the sewer pumping machinery to fail you will be responsible for ALL labor, parts and repair costs.
  • WATER: The main water line available has a water pressure valve but it is always a good idea to have a water regulator on your RV. You are responsible for keeping your water hose from the spigot to your RV thawed and without leaks. The campground is responsible for the water line up to the spigot. 
  • ELECTRICAL: Electrical receptacle is available at each site and electricity is included in the camping rate. Campground is responsible only for the electricity up to the post outlet, you are responsible for your connecting cords condition and power surge protectors are recommended for RVs. 



To help maintain our standard of appearance at Outside Inn Campground:

  • Outside Inn Campground reserves the right at any time to ask you to remove any item on your site.
  • Nothing is to be built or erected on your site.
  • RVs must be in good condition, as determined by the campground. We do not age restrict, we love old RV’s too! But it must be in good working condition, no leaking of any fluids, no tarps covering the roof or windows, etc.



Our farm animals are an extension of our family, even the ones that are being raised for food. Each animal has specific dietary requirements and specialized feed to meet their nutrient requirements. Please respect that and Do Not Feed The Animals leftovers or scraps. Some foods can be very harmful or toxic to farm animals. We occasionally have feeding experiences where you can be a part of the feeding process and give approved treats to the animals. Please check with the office for the next event!